The Quality Difference is Experienced Tradesmanship

Carnes-Miller Gear (CMG) specializes in low volume, high mix (LVHM) custom gears in parallel axis and crossed  axis applications, as well as internal and external splines.
CMG is able to design and incorporate quick change fixturing to allow us to operate in a low volume environment with many different types of gears and sizes (LVHM).  This enables us to deliver high quality parts in a competitive manner that meet quality requirements. 

Total Quality Control

With Carnes-Miller Gear, you won’t get a one-size-fits-all solution to your gear challenge. Our products are  manufactured for your application according to your specifications. 

Every engineer working with gears and gear assemblies knows that the end result is only as good as the blank you start with.That’s why we machine our own blanks to maintain the highest quality standards from start to finish.

CMG designs and manufactures its fixturing to insure that the gear is cut in proper relation to the datums for running in the actual application.

Finally, our exhaustive inspection process assures you that every gear and gear assembly we ship meets or exceeds your specification.

65 Years Experience Across a World of Applications

Carnes-Miller Gear’s experience and capabilities encompass a wide spectrum of applications.  We reject a “one size fits all” mentality. In fact, because we specialize in low volume, high quality production, Carnes-Miller Gear can readily partner with you to develop prototypes and redesigned custom components, and then take them all the way through to finished products. When you work with Carnes-Miller, you have maximum control over your engineering process.

A Partner You Can Count On

Carnes-Miller Gear can provide you with a valuable knowledge base to enhance your designs, assure precise specifications, and deliver superior performance. Gears are a highly technical market with its own specialized language and standards, so it’s vital to partner with people who have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to deliver exactly what you need. Because we work hard to stay ahead of the curve in manufacturing technologies, we’re able to assist you in taking your gear and gear assembly design to the next level for maximum reliability, productivity and return on your investment.