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Your local gear manufacturer
250 Mile Radius around Charlotte NC

We are Carnes-Miller Gear (CMG) and want to be Your Local Gear Manufacturer! CMG is located in the Carolina’s and all of our products are manufactured in the USA!

Carnes-Miller Gear (CMG) specializes in low volume, high mix (LVHM) custom gears in parallel axis and crossed  axis applications. Additionally, we understand shaft-hub connections and manufacture internal and external splines for use in various couplings and shafts.
CMG designs and incorporates quick change fixturing to allow us to operate in a low volume environment with many different types of gears and sizes (LVHM).  This enables us to deliver high quality parts in a competitive manner that meet quality requirements. 

Total Quality Control

Quality Control is leadership combined with proper training and equipment, not management. Our parts are our audit. We are responsible for quality parts and we do not subcontract our responsibility to a third party.
With CMG, you won’t get a one-size-fits-all solution to your gear challenge. Our products are  manufactured for your application according to your specifications. 

A gear is only as good as the machined blank. CMG machines our own blanks to maintain the highest quality standards from start to finish. Furthermore, CMG can also provide cutting and grinding gear teeth as a service on blanks provided by our customer.

65 Years Experience Across a World of Applications

CMG has experience across many varied OEM product lines to include industrial, mining, rail, heavy machinery, agriculture, and aerospace. As a result, CMG rejects a “one size fits all” mentality because different OEM’s require different approaches and requirements. Let us bring our experience to your products.

A Partner You Can Count On

We recognize not every OEM has in-house gear expertise. CMG reviews drawings and specifications for completeness and compares gear data to current standards. We want to ensure that we communicate any discrepancies before a machined chip is made in order that we provide you the gear you need and specified. Please count on us as your partner!