Worm Gears

Carnes-Miller Gear has the following capabilities for worm and worm gear production:  up to 16in/400mm in diameter

Worm gears are typically made from:

  • CDA954 Aluminum Bronze
  • 660 Bronze
  • Other materials such as steel are also suitable


Maximum diameter: 4in/100mmMaximum length: 6in/150mm

Worms are normally made from 8620 material.

The worm is rough machined, carburized, hardened, and then submitted to finished grinding.

We can manufacture from 1 up to 6 single or multiple start worms with a right- or left-hand lead.

Carnes-Miller Gear can reverse engineer a worm and worm gear set when both items are provided. The tooth geometry for the worm gear comes from the worm. In a reverse engineering situation, the worm provides the tooth geometry for the worm gear.

Worm hobs available: both metric and English units. This often allows us to avoid tool up-charges.