Helical Gears

Carnes-Miller Gear utilizes the hobbing process to manufacture helical gears. We can hob a gear up to 16” diameter. Because of our in house fixture design, hobbing teeth only is also offered as a service. The customer provides the machined blanks. A gear can be no better than its blank, so we collaborate to determine the appropriate datum’s and tolerances to get the correct end result. Send us your inquiries today.

CMG hobs helical gears from 3DP to 32DP (.5 Mod to 10 Mod metric) and a gear face length up to 12in/300mm. Our limitations for the helix angle is +/- 45 degree, right or left hand. CMG has the technology to hob teeth timed to features. We can also crown hob, taper hob, as well as hob double helical gears.

CMG is able to achieve an AGMA 2000 Class 10 rating on gears that are not heat treated; however, with our profile grinding process, we can achieve a Class 13 rating on helical gears up to 400mm (15.75in) in diameter that have been heat treated. Our profile grinding process is CNC controlled. This gives us the ability to incorporate tip relief, root relief, profile and lead modifications.

CMG can hob helical geared shafts as well. Since the position of the gear toothed portion of the shaft can vary greatly and impact the available travel of a machine tool, the stated sizes can only be used as a rule of thumb. We have the capacity to manufacture shaft sizes from a journal up to 4.0in/100mm in diameter and a length up to 40in/1000mm. CMG can also grind teeth on helical geared shafts. The limitation on the length of this shaft cannot exceed 26″. Please send us your shaft drawings today.

CMG has the resources and know how to reverse engineer helical gears. Equipment may no longer have OEM support. We can help duplicate the gear and get you back in production. Call CMG for your reverse engineering needs. If we cannot help we will at least try to get you pointed in the right direction.