Gear assemblies require expert tradesmanship.

  • Bearings have to be perfectly located to support the gears’ shafts and provide the proper center- to-center location needed for good mesh of the gears’ teeth.
  • Bore diameters for the bearings require a very tight tolerance to insure the bearings have a good fit to hold the bearings’ outside races. At the same time, the fit must not be too tight in order for inside races to rotate freely.
  • Hole locations must run parallel to each other in order to insure the shafts are parallel and the bearings are not placed into a bind.

Carnes-Miller Gear goes the extra mile to help you achieve the precision gear assemblies you need.


  • Using a Takisawa TMM-250 Module 3 with opposing spindles, lower turret, and an upper milling spindle (B-axis) with a 30-station tool changer, we can produce very complex parts and maintain close relationships within a single setup.
  • With a 160is-TB Fanuc Control, we offer 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Because we specialize in small production runs, you can get your projects done on time and within budget.

Contact us and let us assist you with the housings and related components.

With our extensive experience, we’ll be glad to review your assembly drawings in order to ensure that the gears will properly fit together.

Having satisfied clients is an essential part of our business. If your project is successful, then we will 
be, too!

(left) After machining this housing and the related gears/shafts, 
we inserted the bearings, shafts and gears into the gearbox.

(below) Our client received a complex and completed assembly
matching drawings and specifications – ready to run!