Helical Gears

Carnes-Miller Gear utilizes a hobbing process to manufacture helical gears up to 16” diameter.

Tooling from 3DP to 32DP (.5 Mod to 10 Mod metric)
Gear face length up to 12in/300mm with a range of +/- 45 degree helix angles

We can achieve an AGMA 10 rating on helical gears that are not heat treated, depending on pitch and material.

We can grind the tooth profile and achieve up to AGMA 13 on helical gears up to 400mm (15.75in) in diameter on gears that have been heat treated.

We can also hob helical gears on shafts.

Since the position of the gear portion of the shaft can vary greatly and impact the available travel of a machine tool, the stated sizes can only be used as a rule of thumb.

Sizes may include a journal up to 4.0in/100mm in diameter and a length up to 40in/1000mm.