Cut Teeth

CMG offers Gear Shaping, Hobbing, and Profiling as a Service; You provide the blanks

Carnes-Miller Gear is specifically structured to handle small to medium production runs.

Shaping (Conventional and CNC)

Our gear shaping services can “cut teeth only” or shape the complete gear or shaft.

  • Capacity up to 22” diameter x 5” face length
  • External or internal gears and splines
  • Sector gears

Relationships are maintained between clusters of gears for precision timing.

Hobbing (Conventional and CNC)

Our hobbing services can “cut teeth only” or hob the complete gear or shaft.

Capacity up to 16″ diameter x 12″ face length of gear
Relationships between clusters of gears are accurately maintained

Gear Grinding, or Profile Grinding, or Form Grinding
Our services include “grind teeth only” as well as grinding the complete gear or shift.

  • Capacity up to 15.75″ (400mm) in diameter and up to 29″ between centers
  • Quality standard: AGMA 13

A complete set of inspection reports is available.