About Us

Carnes-Miller Gear

Since 1973 Carnes-Miller Gear has evolved to meet the changing needs of the gear industry and to deliver ever increasing value-added service to its customers. From our initial focus on gear shaping and hobbing operations, we have grown into a complete job shop operation, fully self-reliant in gear blanking, milling, grinding, and broaching. This comprehensive approach allows Carnes-Miller Gear to offer our customers greater control, reasonable pricing and improved delivery. 

While we continue to grow, our primary focus has not changed: To provide the finest, most comprehensive gear and gear assembly service available. We do this through the synergy of skilled and experienced personnel, state-of-the-art machine tools, and proven processes.

The Key Is Communication
As CEO Dan Tweed, Jr., points out, “The key to CMG’s ability to provide such a high level of quality, service and tradesmanship is communication with our customers. When our customers tell us ‘the challenge’ a project involves, then we’re able to help them meet the challenge with precise, reliable and cost-effective solutions. This service-based approach allows us to offer more than a “price per piece” solution, and offer, instead, a solution that will ultimately deliver lower overall costs and increased productivity.”

Your Competitive Advantage
This dedicated approach means that Carnes-Miller Gear makes you more competitive by providing solid manufacturing capabilities combined with the latest in communications, data access and control.

Today, Carnes-Miller Gear continues to invest, adapt and upgrade its services in order to meet your changing needs. This includes assembly and inspection services. Whatever your specific plans, specifications, or project needs, let us know. We will develop a custom approach just for you.

The CMG Challenge
Dan Tweed’s family has been in the gear business for over 65 years. And as CMG continues to build on a tradition of product excellence and service, we issue this challenge to our customers: Think “utilization.” We ask that you look beyond our basic capabilities and capacity, and consider our company’s history of expertise and innovation. When our customers define “value” as more than the lowest price per part, they are able to capitalize on the extensive experience, knowledge, tradesmanship and operational savvy that Carnes-Miller Gear can bring to every project . . . and which enhances value beyond price, with great performance, productivity and operational life.

Our Promise
At Carnes-Miller Gear we take great pride in our work. We have an open and trusting relationship with our clients, that has come about by building strong relationships, one customer at a time for over 65 years. Because we value you, our customer, we make this promise:

We offer very high quality machined products at reasonable costs. If parts are wrong or defective, we will replace them at no charge including all freight costs.  

The industries we serve include the following:
OEM, Industrial, Aerospace, Defense, Off Highway, Rail, Mining